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Publishing Tools

Drive real business results with your social content

Sprout’s intuitive publishing and scheduling tools make quick work of delivering social content, so your team can focus on strengthening strategy and effectively connecting with your customers.

Overcome publishing obstacles

Manually logging in and out of native platforms to schedule and publish social posts is a thing of the past. Sprout gives you the tools to replace time-consuming tasks with automated ease.

Spend less time keeping up and more time looking forward


Integrate easily

Quickly become a social publishing expert using Sprout’s intuitive tools. Learn how to post efficiently and effectively with helpful training and detailed education materials.


Build a blueprint

Plan your publishing strategy and maintain oversight from a central hub. Organize posts across profiles, networks and campaigns using a visualized calendar to support long-term strategy.


Craft engaging content

Pull approved multimedia assets from a shared library or add product tags and links to your posts by connecting your Instagram, Shopify and Facebook Shops product catalogs.


Optimize outcomes

Improve results using scheduling and monitoring tools. Automatically publish content at the times most likely to reach audiences and receive real-time engagement updates.


Advance your social strategy

Capture attention and optimize strategy with an integrated platform. Publish, engage and analyze from anywhere using a mobile app with powerful automation and collaboration tools.

Benefits for every role

Benefits for every role

What’s included: core features

  • Scheduling

    Import and schedule multiple social posts across different profiles and networks simultaneously. Save time and aid in planning by queuing up various posts in advance.

  • Optimal Send Times

    Utilize optimization algorithms to automatically schedule content to post at the times proven to generate engagement from your social audiences.

  • Asset Library

    Create, organize, edit and publish assets from a central location to simplify asset management and support visually engaging social posts.

  • Content Suggestions

    Find timely and engaging content from across social media to supplement original content or find inspiration.

  • Message Approval Workflows

    Generate workflows to guide internal and external message approvals to maintain oversight, safeguard brand standards and simplify collaboration.

  • Message Tagging

    Group and categorize messages based on workflow, business objectives and marketing strategies to easily organize content and streamline performance analysis.

  • Shared Content Calendar

    Manage individual posts and campaigns in a collaborative content calendar to improve visibility and facilitate long-term planning.

  • Social Commerce

    Add engaging and converting sales opportunities into your content by scheduling posts with product links and tags.

  • URL Tracking

    Append tracking data to links to easily identify social traffic in Google Analytics and monitor campaigns, referral traffic and conversions from social posts.

  • SproutLink (Link in Bio)

    Drive traffic to your content from your Instagram bio using a visual landing page with clickable links to your content.

  • Campaign Planner

    Strategize, plan, execute and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and strategic projects with Sprout Campaigns.

  • Media Integrations

    Create visually engaging posts as part of your creative workflow by adding videos and images from tools like Google Drive, Dropbox and Canva.

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Sprout integrates with the social platforms that matter to your business

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